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Choose The Path That is Right for You!

Both Paths Begin By Entering Our Core Course

The Delegate Program

Exploring The Connected Universe

Nassim Haramein and many other collaborators have been dedicated in their work to catalyze a shift in the scientific paradigm. In this in-depth Course, you will find the ‘crème de la crème’ that is the result of decades of hard research, as well as deep rabbit holes where you can explore this vast Connected Universe. With the Resonance Academy Faculty with you every step of the way, you will emerge from this Program with a truly transformed perspective.

Move through the Delegate Program at your own pace.

Enjoy hours of thoroughly researched and incredibly potent information including written content, video, audio, presentations, animations and more. As a Delegate you have ongoing access to all six modules.


Ask Questions and get answers on LIVE with Nassim

Nassim Haramein and Resonance Academy faculty offer in-depth virtual Q&A session exploring Delegate Program material. All LIVE sessions are recorded and archived so you can watch at any time.

Get connected with The Resonance Academy Faculty

Our Faculty Team is here to support you on your journey through the Delegate Program and beyond. Get to know the Faculty through articles and blog posts, particpation in Breakout Group Sessions, virtual events and in special electives.

Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein

Amira Val Baker

Amira Val Baker

Adam Apollo

Adam Apollo

Marshall Lefferts

Marshall Lefferts

Teresa Collins

Teresa Collins

William Brown

William Brown

Chris Almida

Chris Almida

Jamie Janover

Jamie Janover


Video Breakout Groups with faculty & Peers

Meet fellow Delegates from around the world! Enjoy lively discussions with small groups of like-minded explorers in our video-enabled meeting rooms.


Six Educational Modules

Set the foundation for an informed and inspired exploration of the emerging Connected Universe Worldview. Each module takes you on an in-depth journey into the background, current state, and possibilities of Unified Physics.


Module 1: Worldview Shift

This module explores how humans have viewed the world at different points in history, and distinguishes between two types of worldviews: disconnected and connected.


Module 2: Thinking Differently

This module covers the innovative thinkers throughout history that have challenged current worldviews and pioneered new ways of thinking. It explores their processes, methods and insights.


Module 3: Modern Physics

This module reviews the history of modern physics, and the major breakthroughs in thinking that have shaped our society, technology, and modern perception of reality. It also explores some of the assumptions inherent in many modern physics theories, and uncovers major problems with current leading theories in physics.


Module 4: Unified Physics

The New Views of Today. A Connected Universe. Action and reactions across the universe. All things are communicating in a connected view and world view.


Module 5: Ancient Origins

This module looks at the roots of Unified Physics in ancient cultures all over the world. Discover keys that suggest a global civilization not currently covered in our academic history books, and the advanced technologies and knowledge they may have held.


Module 6: Implications & Applications

This module takes us to the cutting edge of technology and consciousness, and beyond. Explore the powerful implications of applied Unified Physics, and discover the potential future of human life in the cosmos.

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What are people saying about the Delegate Program?

Becoming aware that there are others that resonate like I do, I am lifted out of the fog of uncertainty in daily life. These "live with Nassim" videos and all other videos where Nassim explains the universe with visually tangible evidence that we all witness on a daily basis is really a magical thing. Thanks to everyone at the resonance project foundation and academy for taking your time to create a place of wonder and conversation. Also, an epic "Thank you" to Nassim for pioneering the way and persevering through the fog of uncertainty in society.

— Brandon Dickens

Oh my goodness.. This is so fabulous... I am so happy to be a part of this trimtab team!

— Nadi Hana

Finished the Modules a little over a week ago.. I am very happy with all I have learned about both Modern Physics and the Unified Physics. I feel that I would have had to take several physics courses at several hundred dollars a piece to come even close to what I have learned by moving through the modules. I feel they are well written, well sequenced, and provide a depth of information that, frankly, I did not expect. I feel blessed to be able to continue to explore them as my understanding of physics, and Nassim's findings in particular, continues to grow. The Live with Nassim and Channel 64 programs are superb. They have added a lot to my understanding. Thank you to Nassim and his staff for putting together such a wonderful program!

— Donna B

This course is really wonderful. I'm so grateful for the hard work that has gone into this. It's great to explore these concepts and really build some clear visualizations and foundations of understanding.

— Colin Fraser

OMG this course/experience is such a gift... just to be part of the energy and excitement is enough to propel us into new understandings. Thank you

— Karen Beeson

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